uaCSTA TAPI for SNOM phones

Snom phones

  • Snom 300
  • Snom 320
  • Snom 360
  • Snom 370
  • Snom 720
  • Snom 760
  • Snom 820
  • Snom 821
  • Snom 870
  • from firmware version

SNOM D1x series

  • Snom D120

Snom D3x series

  • Snom D305
  • Snom D315
  • Snom D345
  • Snom D375
  • Snom D385

SNOM d7x series

  • Snom D710
  • Snom D712
  • Snom D715
  • Snom D717
  • Snom D725
  • Snom D735
  • Snom D745
  • Snom D765
  • Snom D785
  • from firmware version

Setup on the phone:

  • Open the browser interface of the phone by entering the IP- address with https: // (Example : https: //, register and be sure to use Identity 12 .
  • Identity 12 active: At
  • Displayed name: : uaCSTA
  • User ID: User name stored in uaCSTA Example : 000413922C3D MAC- address of the phone (ablesbar in the system information in the phone)
  • Password: The password ( stored in uaCSTA ( under Windows) under “CTI- Settings for Desk Phones” under “Password of the CTI- Interface” is explained further below. . Simply assign a password and remember ).
  • Registrar: DNS-Name or IP- address of the PC
  • Outbound Proxy: DNS-Name or IP- address of the PC or server followed by a possibly different port and; transport=TCP or; transport=TLS, Example :; transport=TCP
  • Hidden Identity: At
uaCSTA configuration SNOM_SIP
  • Setup - Advanced - Identity 12 - SIP:
  • Validity range: 300
  • Support for broken registrar: At
uaCSTA configuration SNOM_SIP
  • Setup - Advanced - QoS / Security:
  • Allow control via CSTA: At
  • Filter packets from registrar : Out
uaCSTA configuration SNOM_E extended

Settings on the PC:

Under Windows you click on the three dots : in the uaCSTA-Menu

CTI- Settings for desk phones : Mac- address and IP- address of the phone can be found in the system information of the phone

uaCSTA settings for SNOM

Make sure to switch the top item from Cisco to SNOM, enter the IP- address of the phone, use port 55556 ( as also stored in the phone under identity 12), enter the MAC- address of the SNOM phone, set a password, which you can also use in the phone with uaCSTA- account Use. Then the account should register. If not, restart the PC and the telephone and make sure that the telephony service is set to "automatic" on the PC beforehand. If it does not work, call us. Telephone number: See under Contact


For a first test click on :

Enter a phone number and click on the green handset . Your SNOM phone should now dial :

Test TAPI:

Start Phone.exe from Select under Device "Global IP Tel MultiLine 000" and then click on Start Session . Enter a phone number and click on "Make Call" .

If you can do that, you're done! Then you can z.B. install and enjoy CTI!