Hinweis: Aktuell funktioniert die uaCSTA Anbindung an diversen Auerswald Telefonen auf Grund von Fehlern in der Firmware nicht. Wir arbeiten bereits an einer Lösung.

uaCSTA TAPI for Auerswald phones

  • Open the browser page of the . phone
  • Add a new provider / TK-A systems under Settings - Provider & TK-A systems
  • Choose from the list of suggested profiles - no profile - import
  • Provider settings for provider & TK- system
  • Names : uaCSTA
  • Domain: DNS-Name or IP-Address of the PC where uaCSTA is executed. Example:
  • Type : TK- system
  • Provider - Registrar- settings
  • Registrar: Activated
  • Registrar-address: DNS-Name or IP-address of the PC where uaCSTA is executed. example:
  • Registrar-Port: Port of the telephone interface in uaCSTA Example : 55556
  • Time period for registration: Example : 5
  • SIP settings for SIP
  • Server-Typ: CSTA (ECSTA)
  • Add a new account under Settings - Add accounts
  • Settings for the selected account account
  • Account name: MAC- Address of the telephone without separator ( You can get this via the Auerswald logo in the top right ) Example : 805EC00746BF
  • Usage: Activated
  • Benutzername: uaCSTA
  • Passwort: Das in den uaCSTA Einstellungen unter [CTI Einstellungen für Tischtelefone], [Passwort des CTI-Interfaces] vergebene Passwort.
  • Authentifizierungs-ID: uaCSTA
  • Provider & TK-Anlagen: uaCSTA
  • Settings - COMfortel - External control:
    • uaCSTA: Activated

      Settings for an Auerswald COMfortel firmware version - March 2017